Gimnazjum Nr 10 w Rzeszowie
Information about school


Our school is a place where teachers create  teenagers’ educational aspirations. We give our students not only an opportunity to get education but also to develop their interests, talents and abilities. 

Our school is a place for: 

-         teenagers, who want to be well educated

-         teachers , who set  high goals for students and complete them themselves

-         a lot of social workers, who help us to achieve our aims

-         parents , who are interested in taking part in their children’s development and in the school’s life. 

Our students are prepared to take responsibility for their behaviour and their education. Our graduates are good students in secondary schools. 


“Our minds need education  as our bodies need food.” 

“We learn not for school but for our lives.” 

Talented students have opportunities to develop their abilities and knowledge. The students from our school with special educational needs get help with overcoming difficulties. 

School Characterization. 

There are about 600 students in our school at the age between 13 and 16.  Most of them come from families where parents are not well educated.

The school is situated in the suburbs so we have to take it into consideration, too. There are a lot of students who come here from nearby villages. 

Our school is a creative and innovative one. We don’t forget that our exit is the safety for our students. We try  to solve the problems such as antagonisms between:

-         the old and new students

-         town and village

-         primary school and elementary school. 


Our school building is about 30 years old. We took over the building from a primary school after school’s reorganization in 1999. Even though this is not an attractive building it is quite well maintained and functional. And what is essential it is well equipped. 

We have got specially equipped rooms:

-         a library with the reading ( it has got some computers with the Internet access)

-         Polish

-         English

-         German

-         History/ Current Affairs

-         Mathematics

-         Physics

-         Chemistry

-         Geography

-         Biology

-         Information Technology

-         Art

-         Music

-         Religious Education.

We have got a big gymnasium with basketball, volleyball, handball and football pitches. There are also two smaller gyms for  gymnastics and table tennis. We have also some pitches outside the school and a running track. Most of the rooms, all the corridors, the cafeteria and the cloak room were refurbished. 


The school cooperates  with the local community:

-         Local Council

-         Local Culture center

-         St. Josef Parish in Staromieście

-         Children’s house in Nowa Sarzyna

-         Animal Shelter “Kundelek” in Zaczernie

-         Local European Information Centre (RCiE)

-         Sport Centre “Stal”

-         Sport Centre “Podpromie” 

Links with business. 

-         Promar Language School

-         Polish National Insurance (PZU)

-         State Service and Commerce Enterprise “Specjał”

-         parents 


Although our history is short (only a few years) we have  got our own tradition. This is why  the school is not only a building. It is internal life. Our school is opened to active and creative graduates of primary schools. We give them  pedagogical care and high level of teaching.

    The students stay in elementary school  for three years. In the first year they study the following subjects: Polish, English or German, History, Current Affairs, Geography, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Information Technology, Art, Music, Religious Education and Physical Education. In the next two years they have got all of these subjects but they can also choose another foreign language. They can choose from English, German, and French.

All primary graduates can find something for them in our school. They can take part in extra activities. These are:

-         sport activities ( football, volleyball, handball, basketball, table tennis )

-         Cheerleaders Group

-         Dance Group

-         Drama Group

-         Music Band

-         History Lovers

-         Tourism Lovers

-         Art Group

-         Young Ecologists

-         School European Club

-         The English Library. 

There are activities  for students who are interested in Chemistry, Physics, English, German, Mathematics. We take special care of students  with special educational needs. We organize additional activities for them where we work  individually with each of them. They receive extra support in the classroom and in special lessons. The students’ well notes are the surprise for extra work with them.

The school counselor is on duty every day. There is also a psychologist who visits our school once a month. She comes from Psychological Outpatient Clinic and is on duty till late in the evening. She helps both the parents and the children.

Pupils get regular homework which is always checked. Students’ knowledge is  checked in each lesson. At least once a term students have to give one bigger oral presentation in front of the class. After elementary school they are  equipped with tools to give a longer speech in the future school on a high level. The students  write check tests a few times in the term. All we do helps them to pass exams after elementary school which are also entrance exams to secondary schools.

Parents are welcome in school at any time to discuss targets and progress. Talented students can take part in  competitions in any subjects. 

Pupil and the school.

All pupils are encouraged to feel part of  the school community. Each pupil has got his/her own class  and Form Tutor. There are about 25 students in each class. They meet 5 days a week and spend about 6-7 hours a day together. The class is secure and friendly base for them. The tutor gives  support to each of the students. Each class has got one class for the Form Tutor. Where the students discuss different types of behaviour, talk about their problems, marks and absence etc. 

Guiding Children’s Educational Aspirations. 

-         cooperation with nearby primary schools

-         annual diagnosis of students’ interests and preparing list of extra activities

-         systematical increase in the quantity of students who take part in extra activities

-         annual testing exams at the end of second classes

-         cooperation with Rzeszów University and Rzeszów Technical University

-         meetings with famous and successful people

-         annual increase in the quantity of students in different types of competitions

-         the school gallery “Pod Molem” where we promote our students’ art work

-         prizes for these who scored a success. 

Improving the educational system 

-         school rules

-         the students take responsibility for their behaviour

-         interesting classes for Form Tutor ( every year we prepare a list of topics which the students would like to discuss )

-         regular meetings for students and their parents with our psychologist

-         meetings with parents

-         teachers’ consultation

-         extra activities with plays and games and of course learning during holidays

-         averting the perils of adolescence

-         teaching improvement courses

-         taking care of school image and school’s good repute 


-         good behaviour of our students

-         high repute of the school

-         high level of education

-         good results of elementary school exams

-         a lot of students from the farthest areas of Rzeszów in our school

-         a lot of students taking part in different types of competitions

-         taking part in international programmes and Polish educational programmes  


our rule:          

            “ It isn’t enough to do well – it should be known about.” 

The most important rules of public relations used by us are as followed:

-         taking care of good opinion about our school

-         environment promotion- suburbs, quiet and full of green places

-         using media – they should talk well and often about our school

-         culture at school – good relations between teachers and students, teachers and students’ parents

-         enhancing the aesthetics of the surroundings and school’s appearance

-         school’s spokesperson

-         information about our school you can find on page   


On the 24-th of March 2003 our school  got name of Tadeusz Kościuszko. There were a lot of guests then: church authority, local authorities and education authorities. For our school it was very important historical moment. Consecration of the banner, building the memory board into the wall and getting the name are only events which could happen once in the school history and will stay in our memories for a long of time.



Every  year  there are a lot of new students who come to our school. We would like them to remember that event for a long time.

Students representatives prepare for first classes different types of competitions, plays and games. They “have to pass that exam” and become real elementary school students. The plays are great fun for the students, their parents and the  teachers.

The second part of getting elementary school students is quite different. It is very serious. The students vow in front of their teachers, parents and members of school community.

And it is only dancing, dancing till the late evening hours.






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